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Being At the Top, Ladder to Success

From the time I started in college admissions advising, I’ve been advocating fit and part of that fit was to go somewhere where the student can thrive.  In fact, not only thrive but also exceed. I often defined this as somewhere the student can be in the upper 25% of their class.

Recently, Malcolm Gladwell, journalist and best selling author, presented hard evidence while speaking at Google, that it is indeed in the best interest of the student to seek colleges where they are clear leaders.  In fact, he even goes so far as to state a student should not go to their highest match but rather to their 2ndor 3rd level school to ensure success.

I think this piece is a must watch for any student and their family when on the college hunt. It is a well worth the 19 minutes to get through the entire piece. I’m encouraging every one of my client families to watch this before making any decision on their college list (or for seniors, their final matriculation).

As even a better bonus, these same schools are often where students get the “goodies” – large merit scholarships (money without regard for financial need); honor designations (with smaller classes, early access to registration, and a chance to hobnob with others in the same academic status); and leadership opportunities.

Here’s Malcolm Gladwell. Enjoy.

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